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    Bravo Jump is a challenging physics-based action game that you need to tap the scream to make you jump to be not stumbled by the rope. Its new that you ever did see. You will be immersed in the sea of Bravo Jump.
    Bravo Jumps story
    In Bravo Jump, there are 2 small bullies playing a small trick to deceive childrens pocket money. The only way to beat them is Bravo Jump, but children can't do that alone. They need your help. You help children jump over the rope and you know it's not that easy.
    The bullies will move from east to west, north to south, in a circle, in a crisscross pattern, and all manner of ways that a rope can be moved. The bullies will also speed up, slow down and take a fake to try to trip you up. Because of the random and unpredictable nature of the ropes movement, players must have quick reflexes and be able to pay close attention to the game.
    What should you do
    Merciless ridicule those ruffian who are bullying the vulnerable children. You should defeat the bullies by playing such interesting game. Tap the screen gently, you will jump low and fall down fast; while tap it heavily, you will jump high and fall down slowly. The longer you jump the higher score you will get.
    Features in Bravo Jump
    1、 Beautiful graphics, clear background sound.
    2、 Overflowing with intuitive jumping,
    3、 Vibrant cartoon-themed modes;
    4、 Deceptive spy-themed fake.
    5、 Flexible action makes self-righteous player in failure.
    6、 Few similar products on the market, it is unique

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    07-05-2012 04:22 AM