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    Hi all,

    Egyptian Solitaire:

    Egyptian Solitaire is a challenging pyramid solitaire game for the iPhone. The Pharaohs built the Pyramid of Egypt which are great land marks. You have got the reins in your hands to build the Egyptian Pyramid of Solitaire.

    iPhone:App Store - Egyptian Solitaire

    iPad:Egyptian Solitaire for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Vegas Poker:

    Vegas Poker belongs to the family of card games that share betting rules. Poker Hands tells you what cards are ranked higher in Poker. The following rules apply to the ranking of all poker hands.

    iPhone:App Store - Vegas Poker

    Super Spider Solitaire:

    The Super Spider Solitaire card game is the king of all solitaire games. You must be skilled at manipulating the cards to play this game. Spider Solitaire is similar to other types of solitaire (klondike, patience, etc.)

    iPhone:App Store - Super Spider Solitaire

    iPad:Super Spider Solitaire for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    07-04-2012 03:57 AM
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