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    With over 20,000 paid downloads at $3.99 each, intelli-Diet and Super Diet
    Genius have quickly become invaluable tools to help thousands of people lose
    weight, and were the #4 and #3 best-selling paid apps respectively in the
    Health & Fitness category in the US App Store.

    To celebrate our download milestone and help kickstart weight loss for July,
    intelli-Diet and Super Diet Genius, normally $3.99 each, are available
    for FREE on the iTunes App Store on Monday, July 2nd only.

    intelli-Diet and Super Diet Genius are like having a dietician in your
    pocket. Users get personalized daily and weekly meal plans, and see exactly
    what to eat and how much to eat - there are no tracking calories. Both apps
    leverage our sophisticated algorithm engine so that portion sizes are
    automatically calculated for each food, based on the user's age, height,
    gender, activity level, food preferences, which foods are in their kitchen,
    current weight, goal weight, and desired rate of weight loss.

    Intelli-Diet for iPhone
    . App Link:
    App Store - intelli-Diet App | Weight Loss App
    . Website: iPhone Diet App | iPhone Weight Loss App | iPhone Calorie Counter
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    Super Diet Genius for iPhone:
    . App Link:
    App Store - Super Diet Genius | Lose Weight with Superfoods
    . Website: Super Diet Genius | Superfoods Weight Loss and Superfoods List App for iPhone
    . Video:

    If you enjoy the FREE application, we would really appreciate a nice review!

    Thanks for checking us out!
    07-02-2012 03:14 PM
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    WHY of WHY did I not see this earlier. Too late for me.
    07-03-2012 10:50 AM