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    Great Ideas are usually born with a big box (make it 3) of PIZZA!

    At the Gamebowl studio, we are passionate about creating mobile games that create awesome experiences. Aside from our love for games, our appetite also bind us together.

    So after the pizza and the "aha" moment, the left brain has to do its job!

    We are serious about games! We wake up, eat and sleep for games. We have as much fun as we can at the studio, but when it comes to game development, we are dead serious.

    More planning planning planning! We just love creating games!!!

    We'll be posting the development of our game as it happens! We hop you'll all be part of it!
    07-02-2012 02:20 AM
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    From the initial idea, our game is slowly taking form. Here are our Top 5 initial sketches and ideas out of tons of sketches and ideas. This would give you some clues what we are trying to create.

    The very first sketch! Can you guess what game this is? We have gotten answers like basketball, racing and even ping pong. Those guesses are faaar from what we have in mind.

    Here, we explored a bit on the trampoline inspired with some good ole 8-bit games.

    Going wild on the concepts - outer space!

    After outer space, we tamed ourselves down and came up with industrial steam powered sketches.

    After all angles have been explored, we all agree and decide on using the forest as our playground. The forest is familiar, very dense, interesting, mysterious and has a lot of possibilities.
    07-03-2012 02:42 AM