1. cmfoster#IM's Avatar
    Now that Sparrow offers support for POP accounts, I decided to give it a try... but, I am having no luck whatsoever in getting an email account added.

    I've tried every possible way to configure it - leaving ports to be assigned automatically, explicitly defining ports, not including the (optional) user name when setting up the outgoing server information, using the user name ... etc. But, no luck

    I continue to get a message that says:

    Unable to create account
    A secure connection is not available on the mail server

    My mail is working just fine via the stock email app... so, I know that it isn't an issue with the server, etc.

    Any thoughts? Or, has anyone SUCCESSFULLY integrated their POP email account into Sparrow?

    07-01-2012 10:57 PM
  2. cmfoster#IM's Avatar
    For anyone who may be experiencing the same thing (or is interested). I found out my issue. I verified with my email service provider, that the email server is an insecure POP server. And, per Sparrow - they are aware of issues connecting with insecure POP servers - but, should be putting out a fix for this in the next update.

    At least now I know that I'm not just stupid ...

    Insecure POP servers
    07-02-2012 06:18 PM