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    What about spending some creative time and making something really special that will make you happy for years? What about designing your own paper plane?

    If you think you could be a great designer but just need some tools, then I have something that will please you: the app LH Paper Planes.

    Choose one models that you always dreamt to have and sign it with your personal touch A great range of tools will help you to do that:
    - Would you like to cover it with flowers? Nothing's more simple! There are few flower patterns.
    - Would you like to make it military style? Why don't you use some of military emblemas?
    - Would you like to have a plane that anyone in the whole world doesn't have? Just download this great app: LH Paper Planes for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    And this is not everything. With LH Paper Planes you can print your model and fold it easily thanks to video instructions. And then you can watch it how it glides through the sky, over and over again..!

    LH Paper Planes is here, for free!
    06-28-2012 05:48 AM
  2. NESkami62's Avatar
    I doubt it can make me happy for years, but it can certainly become a unique little project to pass the time. Amazing work!
    07-03-2012 01:09 PM

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