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    Are you disappointed with the boring and outdated game?Would you like to play fresh, exciting, refreshing, special game?

    Are you felt headache with a complex and dull game? Do you want to find a casual but yet exciting game?

    Catman-OL is a calculation based on real physics engine, semi-real-time battle network game! You only need to gently drag the line of sight to complete the basic operation, of course, if you want to become a master, there are many skills waiting for you to grasp.

    When you are playing the game,you not only need to against the enemy accurately, but also need to escape enemys shells flexibly and rapidly. Eventually, the winning players will get a lot of reward. You can use the money that earned by fighting to learn the talent when you reach level 10.You can buy a new chariot , upgrade chariot grade. Advanced chariot and talent allows you to create a greater advantage in wartime.

    We have prepared 54 elaborate stand-alone crossings for you based on online-mode, you need to do is to command your armored soldiers fight against the militants, and defeat them. Of course, they are not a good deal. Only smart and sensitive catman can get the final victory.

    In addition, level-mode can also play without networking, you can convert the silver coins that collected in level-mode into gold coins in networking.

    ♦♦♦Game Features♦♦♦

    ♦Real physical world

    The game was produced by real physics engine, making the sense of shells and the demolition of buildings is more realistic! Be careful of buildings that falling from the height, because it will cause harm when they hit the body!

    ♦Easy screen and tense battle

    The game uses cartoon art style, you almost couldnt feel the visual fatigue in intense fighting process. In addition, the sense of the game follows: fast, accurate and relentless design principles, real casual and exciting are waiting for you to experience!

    ♦Real-time dynamic process of fighting
    There is no limit for walking and jumping in battle, you can move around and jump anytime.
    Do not think that only the senior chariot and shells can get the victory easily in the battle. You need to combine your shells flexibly in the battle to attack and avoid attack smartly and fast, pre-sentence target accurately, use terrain to cover skillfully, use ballistic law flexibly, and good luck, these are the real key to affect the war situation. This process is fantastic, only experienced to know its fun!

    ♦Protean shells combination

    The rich variety of shells can be combined to thousands of attack tactics, each of them will let you hooked!

    ♦Vagaries of randomness
    The damage that each shell caused is random in battle. It can cause the crit if you're lucky, It will greatly improve the damage of shells. The fighting process has become more unpredictable. Player was able to turn defeat into victory when often hanging by a thread, so less than fighting the last time anyone may not be certain of winning!

    ♦Extensive battle scenes

    The game has 54 level-maps and dozens of online play maps, each of them has been carefully designed, every battle will bring a fresh feeling and change, make your fighting more fun and passion!

    ♦A variety of gameplay

    In addition to the battle arena with other players, as well as grades, barracks, tasks, talent, achievement, social play are waiting for you to experience!

    ♦Continuous free updates

    we will be continuing to add new content and free updates. Thank you for your attention and support! You can enjoy the happiness and surprise after you download and install the game. Wish you a pleasant game!
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    hmm looks nice will try it too..Thanks for sharing
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