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    Been a lurker for some time here. We've launched a new app for iPhone and I wanted to mention it to the community here...any feedback is appreciated.

    The LOLpipe is a fun and subversive new app for iPhone for adding text captions and artwork to photos.

    • LOLpipe is 100% ad-free and doesn't incorporate any crippled features or PRO versions.
    • 140+ pieces of artwork in the FREE version. Unlocking all art packs provides for nearly 400 pieces of HD artwork.
    • All of the artwork is vector rather than raster images for crisp scaling. Most others use .PNG.
    • Intuitive UI makes building images easy with gestures for: resize, rotate, flip, or use a control panel to fine tune these attributes.
    • Retina graphics.
    • One-tap sharing to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, imgur, reddit, and email.

    A more detailed feature list: The LOLpipe | Features

    LOLpipe was made by a couple of independent developers in the Pacific northwest, and finally made it into the app store yesterday. It's out first foray into iOS development and we spent many many lonely nights building and polishing. We're massive reddit fans so our intention from the very outset was to build a tool that the community here will enjoy using. We hope we've succeeded.
    06-23-2012 06:56 AM