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    Atookee Ocean is our first published game.

    Little ones acting up? Wait until they meet Atookee! Designed to engage children by implementing all the colors, actions and sounds kids love, our creation is a game were kids will be eternally entertained as it never ends, you can't lose and can't make mistakes! It's an official PSNN Game (parent supervision not needed!).

    Created as a game to entertain Julian, an autistic child, turns out kids of all ages enjoy the character and his adventures. Our test shows that while playing Atookee, Mom and Dad can actually have dinner peacefully and even most tantrums will go away!

    Be on the lookout for Atookee, as he's coming out with other fun games to entertain the little ones.

    Available on the App Store App Store - Atookee Ocean

    ★ Fun and relaxing popping action kids game.

    ★ Silly character designs approved by kids.

    ★ Fun music.

    ★ Hours of cute fish popping, starfish popping, seahorse popping, whales popping, crab popping, lobster popping and bubble popping action.

    ★ Constant on screen positive award sounds and images for the little ones to feel accomplished.

    ★ Defeat the crab bosses to unlock their trophies.

    ★ Kids can pick any stage or move on to their favorite one at any time.

    ★ Designed to entertain children of all ages from two years and up.

    Don't forget to submit your rating and review to help us improve "Atookee Ocean" and the rest of our upcoming "Atookee" games.

    ★★★ Happy Tapping - Happy Popping - Happy Gaming !!! ★★★

    Available on the App Store App Store - Atookee Ocean
    06-21-2012 04:27 PM