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    Hello everybody,

    Very glad to announce that we recently released our "youngest child" - Animal Alphabet by 7H.

    This is an app for preschoolers who start to learn how to read. This is the complex learning tool and an exciting toy.

    If you don't want to bother with reading all the features of the app that I'm going to list here, just download the lite version and test it by yourself: Animal Alphabet by 7 H (Free Version)

    Here are some features that we would like to highlight:
    VARIETY - each letter of the alphabet is presented in many ways: pictures (of the letter and example words), examples (written and read by the narrator) and a short story (with many, many words beginning with the letter).

    USABILITY - learning with this app is effective due to some special features like highlighting the text while read by the narrator.

    PROFESSIONALISM - the whole content is prepared by experienced creators of content for children: illustrators, narrators, graphic designers.

    EDUTAINMENT - learning is more effective when it's connected with fun. That's why we included some extras: page with the ABC song and Magnetic Alphabet game (with two sets of letters).

    Have fun with Animal Alphabet by 7H!
    06-21-2012 09:18 AM

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