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    An interesting app of the name "Display Recorder" made an appearance in the App Store last Saturday. It (supposively) records your device's screen in real-time.

    A new app has jumped from the Cydia store to the App Store. Amazingly, the app, Display Recorder, actually contains more features than its jailbreak equivalent, in news first reported by JBN.

    The $1.99 Display Recorder app makes it easy to record your iPhone/iPod touch and iPad screen in real time and then post those videos to YouTube.

    Unlike the Cydia version, Display Recorder includes the ability to record audio from the iDevices microphone and then merge it with the previously recorded video. Additionally, the app records in a format that is instantly available to view on your iPhone or iPad.

    Full features include:

    Records directly to high quality H264 mp4.
    Records both video & audio.
    On-device YouTube uploading.
    Adjustable video orientation & quality settings.
    Adjustable audio quality settings.
    Export recorded video to Photo Library.
    Hardware accelerated video encoding.
    06-20-2012 04:02 PM