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    Glow worm is a highly addictive arcade style game where gamers take control of a neon colored glow worm and are tasked to save defenseless little bacteria balls from the harsh and dangerous elements of the environment. You can tap the glow worm to activate its magnet-like power to attract the bacteria to it and be able to guide them back to the safety of the molecular orb. Of course, this power is limited. The game ends when you have exhausted your glow worms power or when the bacteria balls are destroyed by the environmental elements. Thinking of when to turn the power on or off plus navigating through obtacles in 18 different maze-like levels will create some interesting strategic decisions for the player.

    Best Part of Game

    Visually, the game is unlike most games out there. The graphics, design, and neon colors all give this game a very unique and attractive look. Even though this is the case, the layout of the different levels is still simple and intuitive making sure that users only spend their time figuring out their strategy. The game is very addictive as well as challenging, two important characteristics that make a very good game.


    Glow worm is a visually appealing as well as a strategically challenging arcade game. If you like neon lights and puzzles, then you will definitely be addicted to this game.

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