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    3D Liar's Dice

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    3D Liar's Dice

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    This game provides not only dices. It controls all the game procedure of liar's dice and calculates the game result. So no one could cheat in it.

    Live versions of this game are also known as Deception Dice, Diception, Dudo, Perudo or Cachito. The equivalent drinking game is sometimes called Mexicali or Mexican in the United States.

    Each player have five six-sided dice , Each round, each player rolls their dice and keep it concealed from the other players. The first player begins bidding, picking a face and a quantity. The quantity is the claim of how many of the chosen face have been rolled in total on the table. The 1s is wild if no player bids it and count as the face of the current bid. If any player bids face 1s, the 1s is not wild from then.

    Each player has two choices during his turn: make a higher bid, or challenge the previous bid. Raising the bid means either increasing the quantity, or the face value, or both, according to the specific bidding rules used.If the current player challenges the current bid, all dice are revealed. If the bid is valid, the bidder wins. Otherwise, the challenger wins.

    Now you can play this game with your friends online, just enjoy it.

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    3D Liar's Dice
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