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    Crossbullets is a very cool game. The inspiration of this game is from the Maya prophecy of the destruction of Earth in 2012.

    ★ Revolutionary change from the old school Fighter shooting game; stays away from the
    unchangeable horizontal and vertical movement. Complete new experience of crossing and chasing bullets.
    ★ Your heroic posture and sharp moves will be your judged dimensions in CrossBullets.
    ★ Random generates galaxies; you may never play the same scene twice.
    ★ Bullets seem appear from nowhere, make every cross a brand new challenge.

    The specialty of this game is when surrounded by bullets from alien spaceships, you cant escape, but get close to those bullets to obtain their energy.

    In this game, you will play four roles as Lisa、 Felix、Saucer& Prajna hero to save the earth,and help them to take risks to accomplish the task of collecting alien energy bullets.

    Bullets all around,changeable spaceships, tracking missiles, dangerous black holestheway of their joint attack that you cant image more!

    Constantly collected energy can use to clear screen, transfer magic slowly and instantly and its
    affect will excitingyou in crossing.What are you waiting for? Come on!

    Special Features:
    ☆ You only need to tilt the iphone left or right to accomplish most operation in the game. When you fly through the bullets and tracking missiles using gravity sensing, as long as you have the courage to approach near the bullets, to evade the encircled bullets, you then have chance to gain high score.

    ☆ Beautiful magic such as instantaneous transfer, slow and clear can be realized through a gentle touch of screen, giving a stimulating and great game experience.

    ☆ We provides you with three types of view controls, which you can adjust the screen view angle according to your own habit.

    ☆ You can use the timing mode to achieve high score and share it on sina weibo, tencent weibo and facebook. You can also play in unlimited mode to push yourself to do the impossible, challenge yourself!

    ☆ Plenty of featured spaceships and characters are provided for you to choose. Different spaceship attributes, give you different feeling of drive and control effect.

    ☆ There are achievement list and hero rank in the game center. Achievement titles such as "Hell Envoy", "Immortalisation", "Freelander" etc are set for you to challenge. You can also challenge your friends by sending requests through game center to start an online multiplayer game (current version support two-player challenge), find out who is the bravest!

    ☆ We exploit the enhanced Retina visual effect from iPhone4s and iPad2/the new ipad. With the help of virtual engines we carry out the high resolution design of material and original painting in order to present you a more aesthetic pleasing quality. We also carried out function optimisation for the new iPad and iPhone4s, bring you a more smooth gaming experience.

    ◎ 【Coming Soon】Please collect the bullet energy as much as you can in order to get the benefits of our continuing spaceship update and unlock magic. Transform your spaceship, employ new drivers! Exceed your imagination, experiencing harder and harder challenges, enjoy a fantastic cross and attack!
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