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    We have commercialized a new Ipad game for children.
    The name is Doodoo. This is an international application.

    Presentation :
    The child must find the keys in all the rooms of the house, which enable him/her to find his/her Doodoo.

    Official description :

    DOODOO is lost !!

    Impossible to sleep without your "doodoo". You need to search all the house in order to find your best friend.
    You remember that he may locked in the car !
    Search in all the rooms and find the keys in order to unlock the garage door.
    3D interactive universe. Simple and addictive for children.

    Three game modes :
    - Original : Take your time to find keys and save your doodoo
    - Chrono : Five minutes only !
    - 3D anaglyphe : Take your blue/red glasses and start playing in another dimension !

    Game bonus and gameCenter integration :
    9 pictures of "DOODOO" to find in the house.

    15 achievements to unlock !
    Your best score automatically saved.
    3 to 77 years !

    I can let you discover the game which is priced at 0.99 $ on the appstore
    Updates are planned to add new parts, new animations, new sound effects and in the future new game modes !!!
    We would appriciate it if you would keep us updated on what you think of the game.

    Don't forget to tell all your family and friends about this great game
    06-18-2012 07:40 AM