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    My Bible Stories is an interactive story and game app that brings tales from the bible to life. It was developed for children aged 2-11 years old, with interactive games / hidden nuggets in each page.

    The free iPad download comes with the first book of the My Bible Stories series, Jonah and the Big Fish (Formerly $1.99 per download)

    The latest story, Jesus’ miracle 5 Loaves and 2, made available as an in app purchase from 8 June 2012, is sold at the launch promo price of $0.99 from now until 30 June 2012
    Jonah and the Big Fish
    TAP on Jonah in the interactive maze games to help him reach his destination!

    DISCOVER little nuggets of information that deepens your child's learning of the Bible e.g. what is the meaning of the name Jonah, map of where Nineveh is etc.

    NARRATE the story to your child with your own voice!
-FIND little interactive features on every page of the storybook!

    ENJOY original music composed just for this storybook!
    See the video at
    5 Loaves and 2 Fishes
    HAVE FUN feeding the crowd with fishes and bread in an interactive game.
    DEEPEN your child’s understanding of the Bible.
    NARRATE the story to your child with your own voice!
    ENJOY the original music composed just for this storybook!
    Youtube video:

    Download the My Bible Stories app at My Bible Stories for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    Official Website: ibiblestories.com | Interactive (My Bible Stories) and Christian Parenting Resources
    Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mybiblestories
    YouTube channel: ibiblestories - YouTube
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    It's Awesome i will download this app for my son i am sure he will love it....
    06-15-2012 08:30 AM