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    Potato, is one of carb main sources that highly rich of fiber and vitamin. In some countries, potato is the main carb as a substitute of rice in their menus. Meanwhile, in agrarian countries like Asia, they often use rice as the main carb ingredient.

    Popularly, we know about mash potato, French fries and bake potato and cheese. In the name of variation, we now can make any other variations of potato dish, particularly by using Asian ingredients and create the best taste of Asian potatoes.

    Taken from that idea, this digital potato recipes has been created. 30 Potato Recipes application will inspire you more to get knowledge how to create dishes, based on potato ingredient. Every detail recipes in this application is completed by high resolution pictures and it already tested before.

    These recipes are also can be shared from email and social network like Facebook and Twitter. This application is downloable for iPad andiPhone. This will enable you to access the recipe while make it properly in your kitchen.
    06-13-2012 02:55 AM

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