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    Check out this new app. You may find it handy..

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    App Store - My References

    ❊ Want to impress guests at the next dinner party with some great quotes you read last night?
    ❊ Trying hard to remember your favourite jokes?
    ❊ Want to capture precious travel memories?
    ❊ Want to wow your friends with statistics you heard on the news this morning?
    ❊ Want to share your own recipe book with your friends?

    You may not have a pen and paper handy when you next come across a powerful quote, statistics, a great joke or you may simply want to capture those special moments in your own words or pictures. But you now have My References a personalised app to record, view and share things that matters to you the most.

    Key Features

    - Record your favourite quotes, statistics, poetry, images & almost anything quickly and easily
    - Classify and categorise your information in the form of Books
    - Share with people who matter through Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email
    - A powerful search function to filter through your books
    - Range of export options - export entire bookself, individual books, your favourites or particular authors
    - Attractive templates & wide range of fonts & colours to help you customise how your information appears
    - Backup & Restore via iCloud
    - Password Protection
    - Available on both iPhone and iPad
    06-12-2012 05:31 AM
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    import features is missing otherwise a+
    06-15-2012 09:19 AM

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