1. Matlock's Avatar
    I need assistance looking for a good Reminder App.

    Back when I was an Android user, I used an alarm daily for work called Alarm Master (Link Here). It was an extremely flexible app that literally did everything I needed it to do.

    Now that I am a convert, I am looking for the same type of app for my iDevice. I am Jailbroken, so any Cydia apps are welcome for suggestion.

    Here is what I am looking for:

    • Unlimited Alarms that I can set for any given day of the week/time of day (do not need to worry about a day of the month).
    • (if possible) A way to see upcoming Alarms on the Lockscreen and/or Notification Center.
    • Sorting, to see the active alarms, and the ones that are already deactivated.
    • Pop-up reminder

    One main feature that I really need, that most of the alarm/reminder apps I've tried do not have, is, the ability to select which alarms I want to use for that day.
    My work schedule alternates from 4am-2pm to 2pm-12am. And depending on the day, I need different reminders to help keep me on track; which I'd like to be able to select to be used for that day. And when they are done, they go back to an nonactive list until I need to use it again.

    So far I have tried

    Minimalist To Do List
    Clear (cleaver app which I still use, just not for what I need)
    Alarm My Phone
    The Alarm App
    Future Alarm ****

    06-08-2012 10:38 PM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    I use App Store - Ace Alarm GOLD (Music Vibration Alarm). They rename it constantly, but have stuck with the original icon and name (ALmu). It does most of what you want. I think the only thing it doesn't do is show in the lock screen. You might email the developer about that, though.
    06-09-2012 09:02 AM
  3. terryrow's Avatar
    If there are developers reading this, may I suggest a way of doing this. Create/modify a calendar app to have an extra option of setting an alarm as well as an appointment. With this you can set the alarm for a time on a particular date, eg 6am next Tuesday, then choose an option to repeat, every number weeks eg 0 (no repeat) if you need an alarm just 1 day in the future,1,2,3 weeks etc. This way an alarm can be set, for example, to ring every Tuesday on alternate weeks for ever until canceled or changed. If alternate Tuesdays are different, simply repeat the process for Tuesday in the following week. Perfect for those that work different shifts on rotating weeks as all possibilities are available and only need to be set once. An option should be available to cancel the alarm by going to the week you are on holiday and selecting cancel this week only and leave the remainder untouched.
    02-08-2017 05:21 AM