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    What is Bravo Jump?

    Bravo Jump, a unique action game ,is the best one you ever did see!Two small bullies play a small trick to deceive childrens pocket money. The only way to beat them is Bravo Jump, but children cant do that alone. They need your help.

    In Bravo Jump,you will help children jump over the rope. Obviously, its never quite that easy, is it?
    Game mode of operation is quite easy, the player tap anywhere on the screen to make the hero jumps up and avoid the rope, do you think this game is very easy? However the fact is not so, in order to enhance difficulty of the game, we have made the following settings:

    1、You have only 3 chances, and otherwise the challenge will end.
    2、Tap longer, jump higher. To master the appropriate time to jump, thats correct.
    3、There are three skills in Bravo Jump; These cant be used until you insist for a while, you can unlock a skill.
    4、Flexible action makes self-righteous player in failure. So special, isnt it?

    Warning: the longer you insist, the better evaluation you get. Do you dare make a comparison?

    Sudogame website:SudoGame | Games of ipod,iphone and ipad
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    It DOES sound interesting!
    06-07-2012 08:18 AM

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