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    Excitement in the air! Caracal Diagnosis has just been released on the Apple Store and now is ranking in Top 25 Paid Medical Apps: App Store - Caracal Diagnosis: Smart Medical Diseases Search Engine

    Caracal Diagnosis is a breakthrough tool designed to help healthcare professionals determine diseases and medical conditions in a smart, fast & easy way. It works like a medical search engine in which users can simply input medical wordsócan be signs, symptoms or lab resultsóto be able to get the list of possible diseases (differential diagnosis) that might affect the patient.

    Caracal Diagnosis is smarter than any diagnosis app on the market. Its search engine displays a diseases list in the order based on mathematical equations and algorithms: disease commonness, importance (rare diseases but life-threatening would be ranked high), the degree of matching and importance of the combined entered symptoms, signs and lab results, and much more factors.

    • 1,600 diseases database, expected to be enriched in the near future
    • 2,200 signs, symptoms, and lab findings to search from
    • Clinical decision support system (CDSS)
    • Unique searching algorithm
    • Intuitive interface
    • Differential diagnosis is displayed in less than 2 seconds
    • No Internet connection required

    Check out more information at Caracal Diagnosis.
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    06-06-2012 07:30 AM