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    Hello everyone!

    Before Apple introduced "Reminders," I was using "ToDo." I have been using Reminders for the last few months and decided to switch back to ToDo. I have really been missing the added customization, organization and interface. That being said, I need a way to sync my tasks with an iMac and MacBook. I do some freelance marketing work and it would be great to see what my ToDo list is comprised of without having to get track down my iPhone.

    I didn't really want to invest in the ToDo Mac app because Appigo offers "Appigo Sync" which allows you to sync your ToDo tasks with iCal. I have been plugging away at this for the last 30 minutes. When I am trying to set up this iMac/MacBook app, I keep getting an error message that says "iCloud must be enabled in 'Settings' on your device." I have iCloud enabled already and have synced my calendar and contacts. I have tried everything I can think of (plus numerous Google searches) but still can't get this to work. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
    06-05-2012 05:45 PM