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    [FONT="Tahoma"]Once upon a time, the ancient kingdom of heaven called Greefindo was disrupted by a legend of Pegasus.
    It was divided into four ancient states with different environments. Times have passed and the horse racing has become a popular sport.
    The sponsors gradually became a powerful organization called Horse Race Association across the continent. Everything seems to be going right

    Finally, Derby Manager is released on the App Store!
    *Download here:App Store - Derby Manager

    Game Features:

    Race - In all, 20 horse race tracks include Jungle, Rock, Desert and Sky with multiplayer engagement races available both online and offline. Racing items can be used in real-time races. A random horse race process is balanced with a fair horse race result.

    Cultivation - Horse attributes are related to Blood, Class, Level, Age, and Mood. Scores of items and equipment are provided for strengthening attributes and growth of the horse. A horse avatar system, Hall of Fame, and varieties of cultivation such as feeding, cleaning, and training are available.

    Gamble - A unique gamble channel arranges Engagement races allowing bets. Every player can place a bet before the race starts. Horse race lottery and payouts are designed according to the rules of real horse racing. Race replays also provides you an exciting gamble experience.

    Gameplay - Stable Parking (squatting); Bounty Board races; and Neighborhood races based on LBS. Horse race exploits and winning-point ranking are provided for League systems in follow-up versions. The horse can be raised and trained even when offline.

    Bounty Board races - Player can put enemy's horse of normal condition into wanted list for revenge. The wanted horse is unable to reject any competition and it might get injured in this process. If it gets injury, player needs to feed and repair. The state of being wanted lasts for 48 hours, then automatically it get back to normal.

    Sociability - the players relationship is based on massive user groups of the Hohool social network; with a horse ranch message board and dynamic state. Interactive Stable Parking play (squatting), a friend system, a chat system, and mail system are provided for interacting with your friends at any moment.

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