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    We're pleased to announce our debut app Fun Science Lab, a fun educational app for kids 5+.

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    Fun Science Lab is meant to give kids a fun way to learn some basic principles of science, through a set of 9 unique "experiments" (mini-games). Each experiment has a unique theme, such as electricity, water, heat, etc., and three difficulty levels. Fun Science Lab encourages kids to interact with the different elements in each experiment, giving them a valuable learning experience that keeps them engaged and ignites their curiosity.

    • 9 unique experiments, each with an individual theme
    • Themes: Weight, Liquids, Gas, Heat, Pendulum, Colors, Electricity, Sound, Magnets
    • Each experiment has 3 difficulty levels, with instructions to help guide you through each one.
    • To complete each level, you must accomplish a task or answer a question correctly.
    • Every completed level is rewarded with a medal and recorded in the Collection Book. Try to collect all the medals!
    • The objects and tools in the experiments can be broken if used incorrectly. This will give children a sense of caution and safety that must be practiced in a real lab.
    • When an object is broken, three pieces of a puzzle will appear in the Book of Destruction. Figure out which objects can be broken and collect all the pieces to the puzzles!

    **This app is CHILD-FRIENDLY: No advertisements, in-app purchases, or private data collection.

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    05-28-2012 03:46 AM