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    Hi folks,

    let me introduce a new app called iMoodJournal. As the name implies, its a mood diary app that tracks your mood and experiences daily, allowing you to discover causes of your ups and downs and get surprising insights into yourself.

    iMoodJournal lets you easily record your mood and experiences and establish associations between them by adding #hashtags to records (yeah, like those in Twitter!). Theres also an option to add a self-portrait photo to a record. The app comes with a reminder feature so you never forget to record your mood.

    After 1-2 weeks of accumulating data, the app can provide meaningful and interesting results on your mental states. For example, the statistics charts let you review your typical day and week to see if you tend to feel particular way, say, in the evening or on Fridays. Top Hashtags charts can help you spot triggers of your mood changes.

    The iMoodJournal key features at a glance:

    *Keep records of your thoughts and experiences.
    *Browse the history of your records using engaging animated mood chart.
    *Establish associations of your mood and experiences by adding #hashtags to your records.
    *Spot triggers of your mood changes on Top Hashtags charts, and filter your mood records by #hashtags.
    *Take self-portrait photos and realize how your mood affects your appearance.
    *Recognize time-based patterns in your mood on gorgeous summary charts.
    *Share your mood with friends on Facebook.

    You can get more info about the app at:


    05-26-2012 09:04 AM

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