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    Dear All!

    The new twist to the memorable game is now FREE for limited time!!

    Simple rules: There are 51 mines total. Whoever finds 26 of them wins!

    Connect by Blue-tooth or play on one device!
    Don't want to play with frenemies?
    Now you can also play with our AI!!
    You have two ways to open the tiles:

    1. Press and Hold, if you have the magnifier feature on, the tiles opens after the blue arrow completes a circle.
    2. Or just select and tap blue button.

    BOTH sides start with a bomb equipped when the game starts. However, there's a hidden bomb waiting to be discovered.
    If you still have your starting bomb by the time you find the hidden bomb, the hidden bomb functions as an upgrade and turns your bomb into a nuclear bomb.

    Bomb takes out 5x5 tiles
    Nuclear bomb takes out 7x7 tiles.

    Blue tooth connection allows you to play across devices. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

    Apple Store Link: App Store - Battle Minesweeper:AI

    Comments are welcome! Please help us improve by rating the game!
    05-25-2012 08:27 PM