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    My latest iPhone app is live in the app store. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.

    Name of Developer and Developer's Company - Rare Digital Designs

    Release Date or Planned Release Date - Today ( May 20th, 2012 )

    Name of Application - QuoteBoat

    iTunes Link - App Store - QuoteBoat

    Brief Application Description - QuoteBoat is the mobile version of QuoteBoat - Setting Your Quotes A Sail. The best place to share & discover new quotes with your friends or the world. From within the app users can log into their account and enjoy the whole desktop experience while they are on the go. Non-members can browse a list of recent activities, quotes, groups, and members.

    Brief History of Developer or Development Company - This is Rare Digital Designs 3rd iPhone app. We are an iOS/Web design & development company aimed to help small businesses create high-quality low-cost iOS apps.

    Other Applications You've Developed - GourMelt (App Store - GourMelt) FowlBoys (App Store - FowlBoys )

    Developer Contact Email - zjoyce@raredigitaldesigns.com

    The reason why your app is special and stands out from its competitors - QuoteBoat is the first app of its kind. There are hundreds of apps in the app store that display famous or niche quotes. QuoteBoat is a social network that allows users to post personal quotes for their friends or the world.

    Any update information, or any future plans as for the continued development of the app - We are considering developing an iAd free pro version of the app but are waiting to hear feedback from users.

    Any Additional Information You'd Like Us to Have (e.g. awards, ratings, etc) with a brief description (functionality and top features), and any possible screenshots or video - View a demo video on vimeo - QuoteBoat iPhone App on Vimeo or read more information here: QuoteBoat iPhone App | Rare Digital Designs


    Zain Joyce
    Owner/Lead Developer
    Rare Digital Designs
    05-22-2012 10:13 PM

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