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    Have you got a ticket to the World Cup or to the Olympic Games? Well, it’s great, if you do, and it’s ok if you don’t. Cause a new sport free-to-play game is coming out at the end of June. Be sure, you won’t miss a single sporting event this year!
    Wanna be one of the first to see an exclusive sneak peak on the gameplay? Comment on the arts!
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    Here some arts
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    What kind of sports is that shooting-cannons-training-parrots?

    I like your art, these guys are hilarious. Good luck with your game!
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    Hi, we've got a developer's blog today. That's how we came up with the idea of the game. Enjoy!

    Short prehistory
    December, 2010 – we had an in-company contest for the Best Game Concept. A cute and lovely piglet Pong, determined to escape from a damp and dark basement became the first. The game Pick a Piggy was released in July, 2011. And without a moment’s hesitation we moved on to the concept that was the second in the contest – a Tower Defense project.
    That’s when it all started…

    So, we had a genre. And though almost everybody – programmers, artists and even the president of our company – adore Tower Defense, the genre was not enough. What we needed is at least the slightest idea of a style or a plot of a game. Here we should give credit to our artists. Being absolutely and unquenchably creative, they started to generate ideas one after another.

    Idea 1: Let’s not forget our beloved tamagochi MewSim.

    A little imp Mew is slaying cheeky mice with a rolling pin – isn’t that adorable?! Kitty, kitty! Though, we must admit, he is obviously having an undecided inner conflict: he is scared out of his mind to fight, but, at the same time, is too afraid to be depraved of his sausages .
    But: been there, done that. Now we need something brand new and fresh.

    Idea 2: You don’t like the roller pin? Ok, we can get you something more sophisticated.

    Mew has gone nuts: the sausages were nothing. Now the mice are trying to steal his breakfast, lunch and dinner! To settle his score with petty thieves the kitty starts using pins, mousetraps and even poison. Forget the rolling pin. Be inventive!
    - Well… well, the gameplay is diverse)) but still not what we need.
    - Why?
    - Who knows…

    Idea 3: Well, if even you don’t know, then… here’s a gothic, gloomy MewSim .

    No doubt, that’s exactly how Tim Berton, a master of gloomy and gothic, would portay it: zombie bears, skulls with legs and hats (why hats?), mutant plants, and a solemn, apathetic, wordly-wise hero of a comic Gotham-garden MewSim, dropping an axe to stop all that outrage.

    - Ugh, not bad, not bad. But don’t you think, that’s too much?
    - What do you mean “too much”? You liked sophisticated, didn’t you?
    - Well, not that sophisticated!
    - Not that…. you… for god’s sake! Remember, you brought this!

    Idea 4: Sweet cuties

    No comments.

    That’s where it all could end, if it wasn’t for our technical director. We don’t know how he did it: read mantras or followed Newton’s lead. But at the moment when everything seemed to be lost he came and said: "let’s develop a Sports Defense!"

    To be continued…
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    Now all your awaiting will be rewarded. Finally, here's the gameplay video i've been promising you. Check it out!
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    – Defense, defense.. I see.. You mean to get a team of sports pros instead of the kitty, evil musclemen in mice place, and as for the sausages… well, here, we can have a Golden Bowl!
    – Not that simple. The ‘red’ team are villains, threatening the whole world (like Magneto or Doctor Doom, you know). They are trying to conquer a sausage… I mean, the Golden Bowl. And the ‘blue’ team are a League of Champions, ready to sacrifice what they hold dearest of all to stop the universal Evil. They won’t let the steroid overgrowns set a bad example for children!
    – I’d like to see that!

    We’ve got to admit, it wasn’t easy at first. We aspired to create something comic-like, humorous or at least, cool. So, our art department had to put their personal and not very personal stuff away, roll up their sleeves and dig into creative work.

    – How d’u like this?
    – Ha, cool, I like the grass so green and our champions so … horned)))

    – How ’bout this?
    – The granny is funky, and that kid with a candy reminds me of my own ankle biter. Though it seems to me that the Champs should be more heroes-like. And have some equipment may be? Hawkeye has a bow, Thor – a hammer. You know what I mean?

    Keeping that equipment idea in mind we decided to start working over the ‘red’. You know, inventing heroes is not an easy task. But villains – that’s mission impossible! They had to be huge, beefy, thickhead AND ludicrous at the same time!

    And then, unexpectedly even for us, some art started to pop up:

    Are they huge? – Yep.
    Beefy? – Aha.
    Thickhead and ludicrous? – Hell, yes!

    That’s when we felt that we’ve managed to pinpoint OUR style. It was comic-like, humorous and promising. And what is important, it was catchy! Now we could breathe freelyand think about terms.


    You do know how most juicy and worthy ideas strike downat the last moment: term papers are written on night of the deadline, dinners are cooked when there are only 10 minutes left before your guests’ arrival.

    In game development this last moment usually results in fouled-up terms and hurry-scurry reworks. That’s why we decided not to set time constraints, but work leisurely and with pleasure.

    One by one characters and episode drawings started to appear… Then some levels were programmed…

    Everything took its normal and measured course, till one day… That’s right, till one day a director suggested an idea: “We should release the game in summer. Everybody is having a vacation, watching the Olympic game… That’s when our game will be in season!”
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