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    One of the largest apps on AppStore to learn the English language for the youngest of children.

    Brand NEW Animal Game!

    123 Kids Fun Games HD - Open in iTunes!

    iPhone & iPad App
    Game Center available
    Personal Scoreboard

    Learn Alphabet, Numbers, Animals, Sounds and Words.
    Have fun with awesome Educational Games.
    Play music and enjoy simple, colourful activities!

    1. Alphabet - LEARN & PLAY!

    * Learn the alphabet - 26 different letters with a sound, pronunciation and an interactive activity for each of them.
    * Play Educational Games with the letters (2 games to choose).

    2. Numbers - LEARN & PLAY!

    * Learn how to count numbers with a sound, pronunciation, and funny animations.
    * Play Educational Games with the numbers.

    3. Sounds and Words - LEARN & PLAY!

    * Learn pictures, sounds, animations of popular words that every child should know.
    * Play Educational Game with the sounds and words (2 options to play).

    4. Animals - PLAY!

    NEW graphic design!

    * Play a simple game (put the picture of an animal in order and listen to its voice).
    * Learn how to write animals names.

    5. Music PLAY!

    * Try our drums, piano and xylophone!

    6. Hit balloons PLAY!

    * Play a simple game where you have to hit all the balloons.

    In addition, you will find the photo section. It allows one to take a photo of Daddy, Mommy and your Child (Children) to create a simple album of the applications "owners".

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