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    Can you think far enough ahead to lay the last line?

    Dotland is based on the popular long standing squares game, and consists of 36 fun packed levels full of hidden dots, boxes, prizes, and traps. As the player progresses through the game, it gets more complicated with increased number of dots, and the use of more complex algorithm of artificial intelligence.
    Compete against your friends! Connect to their iOS devices via Bluetooth or Game Center and enjoy two-player mode, or alternatively choose multiplayer on one device.

    How to play
    The players are presented with a grid of dots, which must be connected by turn. The player who draws the last line enclosing the square owns that square. The player with most squares then wins the game.

    36 action packed levels (more levels coming soon!)
    Two-player mode
    Lots of bonuses and obstacles on your way!
    Compete against your friends via Bluetooth or Game Center

    Download game from the App Store: App Store - DotLand

    05-14-2012 07:39 AM