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    I'am the developer of a neat and slick app to plan, manage and track your holidays. Annual Leave contains the public holidays of the United States, supports categories, flex days, residual leave and is able to automatically create iOS calendar events from the leave entries.

    What users think about this app:
    "A great app for managing leave, it has been the only available leave app not to crash so far." - user Ellie from UK
    "Love this app! Syncs perfectly with my calendar which avoids so much duplication. Numerous setting options which makes it very easy to set it up to suit your own needs." - user Mahaazel from the UK
    "Been looking for similar app for ages, saves me keep looking at calendar or excel sheets to keek track of all my holidays :-)" - user Tornadot19 from the UK
    "At last - the app I have been searching for for over a year! So impressed at the ability to track leave in hours and personalise to suit my needs. You can also integrate with existing calendar on iPhone. Brilliant." - user Hgsum from the UK

    AppStore link:
    App Store - Annual Leave

    Have fun with it!

    Tobias Knieper
    05-13-2012 10:23 AM