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    Audire examine your hearing with iPhone
    Let me introduce my very first iOS app. I developed it during the event called AppCamp. I hope you will enjoy it.

    You can download it for FREE
    Audire on the iTunes App Store

    Audire is an application which enables you to investigate in an easy and pleasant way your ability to hear.
    The only thing you need is iPod Touch and iPhone with earphones connected.
    Just after a couple of minutes, you get the result in form of a chart and a short description.
    During the test, tones of different frequencies and amplitude are generated.
    When you hear the sound, you press the button like in an ordinary audiometer.
    Have you ever had a feeling, that the surrounding world around you gets quieter?

    If that is the case, always have this application ready within a reach of hand!

    The application also contains a small knowledge base covering hearing and listening topics.

    05-12-2012 06:36 AM