1. bcarruth62's Avatar
    I am trying to get fellow Diabetics opinions on which apps they use to log their blood sugars or other information with. I am looking for one where you can enter your BG, carbs and meds on the same screen. Any information would be very helpful.
    05-11-2012 01:09 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    There's this that's new: http://www.imore.com/2012/05/07/ibgs...fda-clearance/

    I've not found anything iOS that beats what one can do with a OneTouch UltraSmart meter and interface to computer...

    What I'd really like is an insulin pump with integrated glucose monitoring and an iOS app that monitors & runs it all... it may exist, and I've not found it yet... or been able to afford
    05-11-2012 01:28 PM
  3. bcarruth62's Avatar
    I've read about the device and actually have used the app that's available in the app store, it's not bad but doesn't have a clean way to delete records so it could be cumbersome after a couple of months of doing 4-5 tests a day.
    05-12-2012 01:29 PM