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    Do Apple charge for reinstalling app, in any case? (I don't think so.. but that's why I ask here. )

    I installed a GarageBand a couple weeks ago. Very impressed about the software.
    When I backup the data, suddenly, my iPhone required restore option.
    ( I remember that there was an itune update, and later iPhone screen only shows "connecting to itunes". )

    After restoration, all my apps were gone. I reinstalled one by one, including GarageBand.
    But the next day, I got a receipt that I purchased GarageBand. All other purchased apps were fine to be reinstalled except GarageBand.

    Does this sound right?
    If not, where should I discuss for refund?

    Unfortunately, I don't have the first GarageBand purchase receipt email.
    I tried to look up purchase history to find out when I purchased the first GarageBand, but iphone says that "can't connect to itune shop".

    Appreciate your help!
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    You should NOT have been charged twice. In the App Store app, under Update and then Purchases, you should see a list of all of your purchases and downloaded apps. The same thing goes for iTunes in regard to purchased music. Therefore, the next time you do a restore and set your device as new, go to the purchased section of both apps, and download your already purchased items or at least the ones you want to install.

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    05-11-2012 06:02 AM