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    The game called "ALIEN FARM" let players create a farm, decorate it with
    all kinds of unique and colorful decor, and grow plants and ALIENS for
    coins and various items after players challenge a boss and zombie goons
    at Quest. Players also need to fight other players to increase their
    alien level to complete Quest.

    It is US$0.99 only.

    App Store - ALIEN FARM

    Download Campaign starts tomorrow!
    You can get 3 Mutation Aliens for FREE!!

    Awesome features are as follows:
    -Facebook function
    You can get extra bonus by receiving comments from your FB friends on
    Timeline or In-game friends in the app.
    When you are attacked by other players and lost, then their flag is
    placed on your field. So, you need to take it out by using coins or ask
    your friends to do that.

    05-10-2012 07:13 AM