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    Hey all,

    Check out the GetCocoon app in the App Store! It's Free and newly available!

    GetCocoon is the most private and secure way to browse the Internet on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Avoid tracking, identity theft and viruses with this easy to use app.

    To check out the app, (it's free but does require an account to access the features) you can either search “GetCocoon” in the iOS App Store or download the app directly here: App Store - GetCocoon.

    Some key features to note on the GetCocoon iOS app:

    - SSL protection on every network connection (WiFi and cell)
    - Anonymous browsing
    - Elimination of tracking (including preventing Facebook from tracking you when you are off Facebook)
    - Browsing history portability from device to device
    - Anonymous email creation for signing up to services without giving out your real email.
    - Protection from web based malware

    www.getcocoon.com for more info (:

    05-09-2012 05:54 PM