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    All in ONE AppZ for iPhone/iPad

    It’s time to shorten your search for apps in your iPhone/iPad. AppZ was designed for every user and can be easily used in users’ daily life. This app aims to serve users’ daily needs and entertain.

    Just only ‘AppZ’, you are able to use your basic tools more easier

    What we have in AppZ???
    • Talking Clock (Speaking Clock)
    • Calculator
    • Sticky Note (To recall your memories)
    • Expenses (To manage your expenses a day!)
    • Battery Life (Easy to access instead of going to Setting!)
    • Pet Age
    • Piggy Bank (To help you manage your money in and out!)
    • Drum Set
    • Analog Clock
    • Typing Speed (To test your speed ability)
    • Tile Game
    • Crystal Ball
    • Motion Alarm
    • Font Fountain (Many types of fonts are able to be shared to your friends)
    • Device Info (Tell everything about your mobile info)
    • Sound Board (To tease your friends with these funny sounds)

    What you have more???
    • Super Laugh
    • Break Screen
    • Reflex Test
    • B Day Candles
    • Cutie Apple
    • Private Note
    • Punch Meter
    • Pencil Simulate
    • Digital Clock
    • Dumbbell
    • Parking Meter
    • Medicine Alert
    • Sale Price
    • BMI Calculator
    • Todos
    • Hypnotizer
    • Spy Cam
    • RGB Generator
    • Inventory Tracker
    • Nose Pushup
    • Shaker
    • Coin Flip
    • Massage
    • Tips Calculate
    • Password Gen
    • Stopwatch
    • Tempo Count
    • Life Expectancy
    • Bubble
    • Fake Call
    • Heart Check Up
    • Noodle Timer
    • Flashlight

• Full iOS 5 Compatibility
• From 10 Categories

    • 50 NEW Apps

    • 3 Styles Showcases

    • Full HD 

    • Exclusive Design 

    • Local Push Notification

    • Help Instruction in Each App

    • Support any Orientation (Portrait and Landscape) 

    • Universal Version (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

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    05-09-2012 05:40 AM