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    Hey folks.

    I found the perfect app to sync & backup your PC/Mac to other computers or to your iDevice. I've been using SugarSyncFree.com for over a year. It comes with 5GB for free.

    I first heard about them after seeing a side-by-side comparison on another site, which they now have on theirs. The compare their service to all others.

    • I have some files that I want to access on all computers and my iDevices with or without Internet. I can do that.
    • All of my data is backed up to the cloud and I can access my files (in the cloud) from my iDevice or a browser.
    • They also have a "Magic Briefcase" that works just like DropBox. The difference is that DropBox does not let you sync folders from there original locaiton.

    I still use iCloud for contacts, calendar, email, and photos, but I use SugarSyncFree.com for everything else.

    It works on these devices:


    If you do not backup your documents already or would like to have the ability to access them (even with the PC off), give Sign up to get 5 GB of FREE storage! a try.

    I hope this helps someone as I spent over a month trying the different programs only to find that each one was missing something.
    05-05-2012 02:17 PM
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    I do not want to turn this into a sales/support thread, but I had a couple PM's that I thought would be best to respond to all instead of just individually.

    Are the backup's in real-time?
    Yes. As soon as you make a change, you will see it changed online and on other devices.

    How is it different than DropBox?
    DropBox allows you to add files into their [the DropBox] folder to send to other computers. You can still do that with SugarSyncFree.com... it's call Magic Briefcase. One thing that DropBox does not allow is the ability to "drop" folders or files based on their current location. DropBox means that you will often have duplicates on your computer. Not with Magic Briefcase.

    Does it work with Linux?

    Can you access the files online without having to decompress them?
    Yes. Files are stored online just as they are on your computer. Your computer can be off and you can still access the most current version of your files.

    How much is it?
    5GB is free. If you need more, the price depends on the amount. It's pretty cheap though.

    Can you backup and stream music?
    Yes. I've only done it a couple times since i use iCloud for my music.

    How long have you been using it?
    Over a year. I tried everything else prior to this.

    If you happened to send me a PM and I skipped it, the answer is in the original post or applies to one of the questions above.

    I hope that helps.
    05-09-2012 10:29 AM
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    I posted this a while back but got an email and want to share.


    "Sign up with SugarSyncFree.com during July to get 5.5GB of free space."
    07-03-2012 05:23 PM