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    In the next few days,Codespot Software Company expects to release a new naval combat game Battleship: Alien Invaders, available for iPad, iPod and iPhone. This shooting game is inspired by the blockbuster movie Battleship screened in 2012 summer. In this original and simple shooting game, players will have to observe the moves of alien warship to predict its radar coordinate and launch missiles to destroy it before this enemy battleship can approach theirs. Players are provided with 4 missiles, and they have to use them to attack the target at the right moment when the intruding ship enters the expected position. Battleship is simple yet challenging in the matter of speed and strategy. Its impressive graphic design and striking sound effects also promise to bring players the most rewarding gaming experience.

    Game play test :
    * INSPIRED FROM A INCREDIBLE ALIEN NAVAL WAR MOVIE: One of the best screens in the movie becomes a incridible game!
    * EASY AND LIFE-LIKE CONTROL: predict, lock and fire like a Destroyer.
    * EXCITING AND CHALLENGING: You need to be focus all the time because you will never guess the way the alien ships move and how they approachs you.
    * METICULOUS DESGIN AND EXCITING SOUND EFFECTS: Feel the emeny with an enviroment which created by meticulous details and exciting music/sound effects.
    Minimum Requirements:
    * iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
    * Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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