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    "Rich Clock - Alarm, Weather, World Index, Currency"

    Enrich your life! Rich Clock is so much more than an ordinary alarm clock, this is the only all-in-one app you'll need!

    Rich Clock is a comprehensive and user-friendly alarm clock for your daily life. The rich MULTI-FUNCTIONAL design and settings are getting you in love with it.

    +Clock Multiple Frames+
    Choose between Antique, Cyber, Polar, Handwritten and Digital frames. They are beautiful and interesting. Each frame you can choose the color you like as well.

    Choose alarm sounds from over 20 different kinds. You won’t have to worry about waking to the same sounds over and over.

    +Sleep Timer+
    With Rich Clock you can fall asleep listening to your favorite music from iPod. It will take care of turning your music off, saving power automatically.

    ~Weather and Climate~
    With just one interface, you will be able to check out the weather with your current location, you don’t need to open another app!

    Turn your iPhone, iPad and iPod into your own personal thermometer. Be able to check out the temperature no matter where you are!

    $Currency Rate$
    For frequent travelers, rich clock is perfect for those who are always in need to check the currency rates. Check whatever currency rate you like instantly and automatically.

    $World Stock Exchange Index$
    For Businessman like you, you’ll be able to keep an eye on not only the time, but also the World Stock Exchange Index feed. Time is asset, this is efficient.

    Rich Clock contains a user-friendly interface and setting panel, you can easily access to set what your preference. Also, the good is you can use email, Twitter and Facebook to tell others your next alarm time.

    Time is money, try it now!
    05-03-2012 10:20 AM