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    According to an in-game popup users found while opening EA's Rock Band, the game will no longer be playable effective May 31st:

    It is unclear whether EA is responsible for the game still being in the App Store (which, as of the time I am posting this, it is), but two things are immediately clear:
    1) They have not changed the app's description to indicate that the app is being disabled.
    2) The app is still in the store, for the full $4.99 price.

    In any event, this means that anybody who bought the game, or paid for DLC within the game will lose that investment at the end of the month. It's a crummy business practice, though admittedly one gamers are sort of used to from EA (right up to the smarmy "thanks for rocking out with us!").

    This is of course on the heels of Eliminate's announcement that it is exiting from the iOS scene at the end of the month too. :-(
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