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    Project 9:The Underground Aryan City is developed on the Unity 3D 3.5 engine.

    It is about a mechanical civilization based on the residual memories of the body. The character ventures on an expedition into the Antarctic wastes that takes her underground and into the center of the Earth.

    Project 9 is a series of games based on and inspired by factual subject matter:

    In recent years, a variety of mysterious phenomena have appeared more and more frequently, UFOs frequently appear around the world and extreme weather has become very common.

    The latest publically released official files report numerous incredible events. Early in World War II, Nazi engineers and scientists planned to create a circular, dish-shaped aircraft. Investment in these vehicles may have led to the defeat of the Nazis in Europe and their relocation to the Antarctic. Hitler's death in the historical records remains an unsolved mystery.

    Many files show that Nazis had sent troops to the South Pole and Tibet in search of the so-called entrance to the center of the Earth. The legend of the Antarctic underground Aryan city has begun to receive more and more attention, and scholars have paid more attention to the Hollow Earth Theory.

    Visual Park's imagination takes you into a fantasy world in the center of the Earth.

    The journey is fraught with peril and difficulty. The path from the surface of the Antarctic ice sheet toward the center of the earth includes confusing puzzles, fights with ferocious unknown creatures, and avoiding dangerous obstacles in the floating state all the while bearing seismic activity, extreme temperatures, bizarre accidents and magnetic reversals.

    Of course the highly intelligent protagonist will collect a variety of items to overcome suffering and break through to hindrances. Certainly it is necessary to live smartly and bravely, as the protagonist moves forward through the adventure. Countless treasures, beautiful monuments and mysterious forces await your arrival.

    The heroes available have been named DML-9, DML-4, DML-1. Inferred in accordance with this figure, the protagonist will also be called a DML, a code name for a series of intelligent robots, and at least nine different machines. How the game will appear in its final form is still a puzzle.

    The protagonist himself is a mystery. At first in the Nazi base, he seems to be enslaved by the Nazis to detect the center of the Earth and its secrets. These robots are highly intelligent and there is no doubt that in that era the Nazi had no way to create such a state-of-the-art machine body.

    Accordingly, the DML has become a major secret, requiring players to slowly
    open the series of games to explore Project 9.

    It is worth mentioning that, you can change of characters’ related sound in this game, and bring more fun to you.

    Who spies on us?
    Where do UFOs come from?
    Do they have anything to do with evil?
    Does the Earth's underground conceal unsolved mysteries?
    How many unresolved emotional puzzles are there?

    All this and more included in Project 9:The Underground Aryan City !

    App Store:
    Project 9:The Underground Aryan City $1.99
    Project 9:The Underground Aryan City HD $2.99

    Coming Soon!

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