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    KiddyU HD

    KiddyU is a Complete learning utility with good graphics and fun for Kids. Teaching and learning is no more a difficult task for you now. KiddyU is specifically designed to cater to the ever increasing demand for kids application for learning the basic of education. KiddyU is very well accepted and appreciated by the iPhone users and now we have developed it for iPad. The overall experience has been overwhelming and the big screen makes it much easier to impart knowledge. It’s as good as showing different information on book which will interact will sound and animation. Well try this and you will surely agree.
    Spell It - You can teach your kids spellings of.
    Animals, Birds, Fruits and Vegetables, Vehicles, Body Parts, Colors, Days, Months, Shapes

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    Smart Converter App

    It is technical and professional unit conversion calculator for scientists, engineers, technicians and students. Smart Convertor contains thousands of conversion units and formula for the professional and Educational purpose. This calculator will not only aid you in conversion but also in calculating geometrical shapes and other designs.
    • Modest, clean, easy to use, customizable interface
    • Keep most used conversions
    • Easy Navigation for selecting categories
    • By selecting the below options can jump to any categories.
    • Can convert into multiple units at the same time.
    • Can view or calculate Result in most of the commonly used unit.
    • Built-in conversion calculator

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    Money Maths HD

    Money Maths is a combination of various US currency and coins. You have to select from 4 different forms of game play. Select one to start the game. Maths Money – Any denomination will be placed on the left bottom of the screen. You have to tap and drag the currency from the list showing on the right side and place it on the currency to match the same. Any number of denominations can be used to match the currency.
    • Combo Count – Similar to game mode 1, but here you have to just tap on the matching currency. Any number of denominations can be used to match the currency.
    • Catch It – Various denominations will be placed on the bottom. Coins and currency will be falling from top; you have to collect the denominations, drag and place them to match the same.
    • Balancer – A particular denomination will be placed on the balancing scale. You have to choose the exact denomination from the pile lying on the bottom and put it in the other balancing scale to match it. Remember only one denomination can be used for balancing in this game mode.

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