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    Rabbit Buster

    Rabbit Buster is a game that will keep you hinged to your iDevice. Be it, game play or logic, it will keep your brain rattling for every move you make.
    A crazy rabbit is out there to destroy your crop, and you need to trap it before it escapes into the wild. The game play is very intelligently programmed to keep it challenging for both, Rabbit and you. You can trap the rabbit by locking the exit route, how? Tap the onion flowers (White), and they lock the route for the rabbit. The rabbit is very tricky, they are no levels which you cannot complete, but the same levels which seem easy is very challenging too.


    Diary Pro

    We present to you Diary Pro, your smart diary *** organizer that eases out all your worries. Now you can keep track of all your schedules, contacts and even youíre todo list. Keeping all of this information in one central location makes it easier for you to prepare for your appointments, and keep to your hectic schedule. Well, thatís not it; there is more in store for you, just take a glimpse of all the features that are available in Diary Pro.
    Describe: Allows you to enter and save the text (Meetings, time and venue etc.). You can even add photos, audio/sound along with the text. Editing or deleting the text, date, time, photo and audio as per your needs is also available


    Student Radio App

    Student Radio is your fun and personalized radio. You can pause, listen live, rewind, seek back to any available position on the go with any radio station.
    We give access to our entire Student radio station library (which we keep on updating daily with new and better stations). If a radio station is not available in our library, you can add manually and listen to it, and also can be shared to public.
    1. Lots of Student Radio stations
    2. Rewind to listen Radio again.
    3. Pause/Continue Radio
    4. Listen live Radio
    5. Customize Seekback duration setting
    6. Add and share custom radio stations

    Student Radio
    04-26-2012 01:24 AM