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    Wonder Kids is an educational application for toddlers, pre-school and elementary school children created for their general and linguistic education. It keeps parents FREE and their kids BUSY by involving children in FUN LEARNING ACTIVITIES, as coloring, drawing, matching games, jigsaw puzzles and all favorites Bingo games.

    Contributing to the all-round and linguistic development of kids, the application gives them a sense of achievement and enormous satisfaction. Wonder Kids colorful graphics, animated flashcards with sounds to present vocabulary, kids favorite words and activities will delight your child!

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    Coloring with a variety of colors and shades
    Jigsaw Puzzles of various difficulty level
    Matching Games to play individually or with a friend
    Bingo Games!
    Drawing with colorful crayons

    * All pictures colored or drawn by your kid can be saved into the Album.


    5 languages to choose from: English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese
    Vocabulary organized in topics: animals, everyday objects, transport, dinosaurs, actions
    2 ways to present new vocab: auditory and visual
    Vocabulary trained in such activities as matching games, jigsaw puzzles, Bingo games, coloring, and drawing activities!


    Learn by playing and having fun
    Get satisfaction from playing Bingo games and building jigsaw puzzles
    Learn new words in the chosen foreign language
    Develop memory by playing matching games
    Develop motor skills by coloring, drawing, doing jigsaw puzzles
    Associate a visual image of an object with the way it sounds in a foreign language (this is a natural way kids learn foreign languages)
    Develop good ear for languages
    Increase attention span
    Give parents some time off

    Learning is always enjoyable with Wonder Kids! Your children will love it!

    CLICK TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE: App Store - Wonder Kids

    04-25-2012 09:50 AM