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    We've just released an app to help parents manage their kids' pocket money - it lets you enter weekly (or other) pocket money payments, deposit & withdraw, save for Targets, and keep a Jobs list. I've been using it during development, as have several testers, and the overwhelming response has been "It's incredibly useful - how did we manage without it!"

    There's a "Parents' Mode" - where parents monitor & manage all aspects of their kids' money, and a "Kids' Mode" - where kids can see for themselves how they're getting on, as well as being able to add their own targets.

    Here's the link to the App Store -

    And here's a link to a short YouTube video which shows its key features -

    The dedicated website for the App is here -

    If anyone would like to use the app & leave an honest review, please contact me with your email & I'll send you a promo code (if there are any left!) - I can be contacted at
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