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    VPHO - Free Phone & Video calls , To anyone, Anywhere in the world!

    VPHO is a fully featured iPhone, iPad, and Android application that lets you make free phone calls, videocalls and videoconferences. You can also send free text messages, audio messages, photos, video messages and files to other users that have VPHO installed.
    VPHO comes with a unique and friendly user interface and can be used with both 3G or Wi-Fi.

    VHPO Bring all of your telecom needs together into one, easy to use, FREE application.

    VPHO IS EASY TO USE: Once you and your friends install VPHO application, you can use it to talk and also text and file transfer as much as you want.
    Just make sure that all your friends get VPHO! All you need is an Internet connection: 3G or Wi-Fi where available.

    N0 INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: It doesnt matter where you or your friends are, be it on the same network or in a
    totally different country. You can talk for as much as you want, for free. Just make sure your friends have VPHO too just be connected to the internet.

    SOUND QUALITY: VPHO uses state of the art technology in order to make sure the sound quality you get is much better than GSM or a regular phone call.

    *Wed love to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions. concerns or just want to share a VPHO moment with us. please email us at

    VPHO official website - VPHO app for iPhone, iPad, and Android
    Facebook - VPHO - Voice & Video Calls | Facebook
    Twitter - VPHOAPP (@vphoapp) on Twitter

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    Seems very nice and a clean interface. I must be 100% honest though.. at this point I am not even going to try any app that requires another user to have the same app for it to work. Tried it with things like Voxer etc.. and can't personally deal with it anymore. Zero refection on you or the quality of your app.
    04-22-2012 09:09 PM

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