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    2012 Insane Rat Race is the most insane race game!!

    The RAT in the game has gone insane and whatever he see and you see in the game doesn't really make any sense. You will explore a lot of weird zone, enemies and obstacles that you might never see before in any other games.

    Don't ask why the jet is smaller than the rat, why the tree grow from the sky or why there is source code in the game. We don't have the answer because it is INSANE RAT RACE !
    Don't ask why, just try to enjoy the game !

    Why there will be no distance objective in the game?
    Because we don't need it! It's just a meaningless numbers. What we show you here is more than number. You got to see the most insane zone as long as you keep the rat in the race.

    Check this introduction video we made for you.

    Available for download today on AppStore:
    2012 Insane Rat Race on AppStore
    04-20-2012 07:31 AM