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  1. RIPsys's Avatar
    A new great game), maybe even surpassed all his predecessors

    Here is a link to the game:

    App Store - Gaga Duck

    Got a promotional code on the mail, downloaded and played. Got a lot of fun .. It is worth every penny
    Waiting for HD version
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    04-19-2012 06:59 AM
  2. Synaptic Wave's Avatar
    The game's worth every penny AND you've got a code.
    Well, OK, I guess I should go download it right away. Since you haven't actually said anything at all about the game...yeah, it MUST be awesome.
    04-19-2012 08:23 AM
  3. RIPsys's Avatar
    The game will be available on April 20 in all stores until I can put only a description of the game, I'm just helping a friend leash to acquaint people with its creation. That is the very description:

    Our exciting game gives you an opportunity to play the role of fun and very cunning duck. Accidentally the duck meets an extraterrestrial robot which, as it turns out later, prefers to eat rubbish, and then they decide to clean ducks pond.

    Features of gameplay:
    Plenty of different bonuses and unique game moments.
    Three different and exciting modes of play (game).
    Excellent graphics made in a two-dimensional style, with lots of unique animations.
    Soundtracks performed at the highest level.
    Ability to share your gaming achievements in all popular social networks.
    A lot of achievements to carry you away for a long time.

    Modes of play:
    The classics regime is a standard jumper made in the opposite way. You will have to dive from the bubble to the bubble to give the duck an opportunity to swim further and further. At the same time the robot, that will accompany you the whole game, will collect all underwater rubbish.
    The challenge regime gives the game a unique gameplay experience. To advance the level you will need to collect the rubbish thus giving the robot necessary energy to form bubbles which will help the duck to pick up air and to dive deeper and deeper.
    The survival regime will cause sweating even the most inveterate players.

    Add a few words from myself.
    The game certainly is not Hollywood, but the idea to remake a familiar gameplay I really liked, she played as many familiar games but in an entirely different perspective, different modes give the game a diversity in the gameplay. The most attractive in my opinion, is that the game does not require a lot of playing time and you are not limited to the levels .. you never get stuck on something which will not be able to go .. and those who love the different achievements will find for itself a lot of testing in this game) And I really liked the music and sound design.
    Here is a video intro for the game, yet it is a pity no gameplay

    and the page in facebook
    Gaga Duck | Facebook
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    Fixed description:

    Our exciting game gives you an opportunity to play as the fun and very cunning Duck. Our story starts when Duck accidentally meets with the extraterrestrial robot YaMu who feeds on rubbish, and our heroes decide to clean out Duck's pond.

    Gameplay Features:
    Three different and exciting game modes
    Excellent two dimensional graphics, with unique animations
    Soundtrack performed at the highest level
    A plethora of bonuses and challenging gameplay moments
    Ability to share your high scores through all the popular social networks
    35 challenging and interactive achievements to keep you coming back again and again

    Gameplay modes:
    Classic mode: a "jumper" game made in reverse: guide Duck from bubble to bubble as he dives deeper and deeper while YaMu collects the garbage along the way down
    Challenge Mode: there are no bubbles for Duck to jump on, but YaMu has a unique ability: to form air bubbles out of the garbage you collect. Try and see how far you can get with the robot's help!
    Survival Mode: a true challenge for even the most tried and experienced players, and of particular interest to lovers of classical arcade shooters. Help Duck shoot through the incoming air bubbles and other creatures of the deep to get to the bottom of the pond.
    04-22-2012 04:01 AM