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    *** The updated version of CalculatorZ from i-App Creation Co., Ltd. is going to be launched on April 23, 2012 on AppStore. Stay update! ***

    CalculatorZ seems to be a normal calculator in your sight, but this app is more than just that! Its functions are very clear and easy to use for normal calculations, not for scientific calculations.

    What makes CalculatorZ differentiate?

    Now, the amazing function in this new version is that you can drag one result and plus, minus, multiple or divide to the other result. BANG! the final result is there, so no need mr button anymore! And, of course, every result is reliable, consistent, accurate and exclusive design. This innovation isnít NOW available in any apps, so letís try this app and share it to your friends.
    04-18-2012 01:55 AM
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    Be ready to download ALL NEW FEATURES of CalculatorZ.
    04-18-2012 10:31 PM
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    CalculatorZ is now LIVE on App Store.
    04-22-2012 11:00 PM